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Campus Placement

Employer Delegates their Job requirement(Job Post) to the Educational Institution and conduct recruitment ON or OFF(remotely) Campus.
Educational Institution will schedule & manage the assessment, on premise Venues/Slots and the application. Employers would able to keep track of the progress and keep finalising the candidates.

Online Assessment

JOBENABLERS™ provides you both, Standard inbuilt and custom assessment solutions to ASSESS Job Applicants for their General Aptitude, Psychometric, Soft Skills, Technical, Specific Domain etc. You can CONDUCT remote online tests with PROCTORING (Fraud detection), Behaviour Alerts, Live Video Monitoring, and Secure Authentication.


Student / Alumni Database

You would be able to privately create Student profiles, receive applications privately, assign to courses, update their details, assign projects, apply for Jobs or Internships on their behalf, search, sort, filter Student data and track their application status against a particular Job Post/Project. DO MORE !!!

Organizational Recruitment

Post your jobs through JOBENABLERS™ & get access to a large network of job seekers. Data upload is easy with bulk uploads. Your data will be PRIVATE by default, thus enabling data management. You can make any of your job posts PUBLIC at any point of time. Drive your job applications through JE5 ( 5 Stage Recruitment Process ). GET SET GO !!!

Multi Stage Evaluation

Assign predefined Evaluation categories to your job post or Create Custom Evaluation Category and start assigning SCREENING parameters, ASSESSMENT tests, SELECTION and ONBOARDING parameters to the evaluation category. Start recording and measuring them as the via ATS. EVALUATE PROFILES!!!

Applicant Tracking System

JOBENABLERS™ provides a well-structured Applicant Tracking System (ATS) through which you can handle end-to-end placement and recruitment needs online with AUTO recommended ACTIONS. With our inbuilt JE5 ( 5 Stage Recruitment Process ) you would be able to RECEIVE job applications, SCREEN, ASSESS, SELECT and On-Board them. During the process complete all documentation formalities.




Recruitment/Placement History

Recruitment and Placement history of all Job Post or Applicants can be viewed at any point of time, even after a Job Post closure. Historical data includes stage-wise progress & evaluation results, ratings, Applicant responses to Employer queries & vice versa along with the complete documentation. All available at one place so no need to maintain records in spreadsheets, email or folders. ALWAYS AVAILABLE !!!


Add Team

Add your Manager and team members and assign roles and permissions. Let your team take care of your Job posts and managing other activities.


Careers Website

JOBENABLERS™ provides readymade and easy to integrate Careers Page for your website enabling JobSeekers to APPLY to your jobs through your own website. THUMBS UP!!!

Free Infoboard on your Website

Info boards for various postings (events, notices etc.) can be generated and included in your website via HTML link or an iframe. This is a Dynamic board which you can customize & control from your JOBENABLERS account and it would instantaneously reflect on your website, no need to wait for your IT Team to update the website.


Business Leads (CRM)

JOBENABLERS™ provides a platform to connect & build professional network of Employers, Recruitment consultancies, Educational and Training Institutions to address all your Recruitment, Training and Placement Needs. CONNECT THE DOTS !!!


Institution Branding

When Students pass out they would be converted as your Alumni and their profile would always showcase your logo. BE PROUD !!!


Invite Companies for Campus

JOBENABLERS™ provides a platform to access multiple company profiles and invite them for campus placement. Create your institution profile, showcase it to Companies and let them hire your Students. CONNECT THE DOTS !!!

Assessment Provider

Better Talent Assessment

Enabling HR teams with powerful & precise people decisions