Art And Craft Faculty

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S/he must

1. Define, develop and implement the art and craft curriculum of the school and ensure

Age -appropriate activities

- Employment of appropriate techniques and strategies for instruction

- Development of rubric for skill development and assessment

2. Possess basic knowledge and skills w.r.t various aspects including but not limited to

- Drawing and painting

- Still life, portrait, calligraphy etc

- Oil, watercolor, mural, pot, fabric, glass painting etc.

- Sculpture and carving

- Clay, wax, paper, terra cotta modeling etc

- Vegetable & fruit carving etc

- Jewellery making

3. Multimedia software

- Adobe - Photoshop, illustrator, flash etc

- Coral painter etc

- Photography

- Camera angle, camera and photo editing techniques etc

- Collage making

4. Ensure optimum utilization of the infrastructure available at school, and also suggest development of new infrastructure whenever required

- Ensure maintenance and care of all the art room, equipment, and materials

- Maintain inventory of all the materials, equipment etc

5. Develop a genuine interest in art and craft among students and staff

6. Ensure participation of students in intramural and inter-school art & craft competitions

7. Organise intramural and inter-school art & craft competitions

8. Your creativity is expected in functions and celebration held in and outside the school.

9. As and when required you have to participate and take responsibility for school activities in or outside the campus.

  • Qualification: B.F.A. / M.F.A.
  • Experience: 3 - 4 Yrs
  • Industry: Faculty
  • Salary: 300000 - 800000 INR Annual
Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India