Requirement For Officer Level1 - Quality Assurance

General Objective

To ensure that inspection and related activities in RM & PM approval are carried out accurately as per the defined quality system and only conforming materials are released into the manufacturing system at the earliest.

Daily Activities

1. On a daily basis, check the equipment to be used in both RM & PM testing is in calibrated condition and the identification of the status on the equipment is available. This is to ensure that testing is not performed inadvertently using machine, which is not calibrated.

2. Carry out calibration and maintain the daily records of calibration of Test equipment such as :
Mettler Balance with standard weights,
pH Meter with prepared buffer solutions

3. Check the availability of Master Samples on a continuous basis and proactively arrange them as per the need.

4. Generate pending list of activities for the shift. Verify availability of the test samples. Receive RM & PM samples from Admin. Dept along with the Sample Label report containing all necessary details and with proper identification label pasted on the sample container itself. Prioritise the material for testing as needed by Admin / Planning.

5. Match the B. Number on sample container with that available on LTR Slips / SAP e.t.c

6. Follow up with Stores and Material Function for test certificates.

7. Carry out testing in strict adherence to Specifications, approved Test methods, and mandated procedures in QMS such as QAS Manual, Common Sampling plan, any guideline e.t.c.

8. Generate DIS Reports and send to Administration Dept, Planning and MF Purchase for the RM / PM consignments received on the previous day.

9. Ensure prompt communication to Planning. Administration and Purchase in the case of a potential for rejection or actual rejection so that proactive measures can betaken by them in their work areas.

10. Communicate with other plants in cases of deviation is observed in Binders / Emulsions transferred from them.

11. Generate / file the LTRs for AWD, CAWD and Rejected material.

12. Preserve samples of AWD, CAWD and Rejected materials for the specified period as documented in QAS Manual. (As of now it is 1 month).

13. Generate a list of Forced closure for all RM / PM on a weekly basis and keep records for the reasons for doing so. This tracking is to be done to prevent incidences of forced closure by mistake.

14. Ensure daily updation of various QRs and supporting document files.

15. Conduct periodic visits during the day to the shop floor to sort out online problems, if any.

16. Ensure proper upkeep of Test Equipment in laboratory. Ensure proper implementation of 5S activities in the QA lab.

  • Qualification: Diploma - Chemical, Mechanical
  • Experience: 1 - 5 Yrs
  • Designation: Quality Assurance/Quality Control Executive
  • Job Type: Full-time Job
  • Industry: Rubber Industries
  • Functional Area: Production, Manufacturing, Maintenance
  • Job Code: 18Q3000429
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  • Posted on: 7/17/2018 7:12:17 AM
Location: Chennai | Tamil Nadu | India