Retail Pharmacist In Kent Technology Pvt. Ltd. BPO
  • When prescriptions are brought in by patrons or called in by doctors, retail pharmacists confirm that they can supply the correct medication in the asked-for amount.
  • They find the requested medication among the pharmacy’s stock, count out pills or measure liquids into proper containers, package items, print out instructions and warnings, and either give the completed prescription directly to a waiting person or file it for later customer pick up.
  • As healthcare professionals, retail pharmacists aim to help people feel better.
  • They answer questions patients have about medications, explain how and when prescriptions should be taken, examine which other drugs people are taking and how they might interact, note possible side effects, and recommend over-the-counter solutions when people come in based on the symptoms they present.
  • Some retail pharmacists may encourage customers to take preventative actions such as getting their blood pressure checked or receiving a flu shot and may assist in those procedures
  • Qualification: M.PHARMA
  • Experience: 0 - 3 Yrs
  • Designation: Retail Pharmacist
  • Job Type: Full-time Job
  • Industry: Pharma
  • Last Date: 12-Jan-2019
  • Salary: INR 8000 - 15000 Monthly
  • Job Code: 18Q4000420
  • Selection Procedure: Walk In
  • Company: Kent Technology Pvt. Ltd. BPO
  • Posted on: 11/17/2018 4:34:41 AM
Location: Mumbai | Maharashtra | India