Financial Analyst In Finserv Partners

Job Summary

We are looking for a candidate with analytical abilities, good financial concepts clarity and logical thinking abilities for a financial analysts position to carry out cap table analysis, financial analysis, and valuation job.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Analyzing capitalization table, share/option purchase agreements of a company and identify different security classes such as Common, Preferred, Options, Warrants, Convertible, and Non-Convertible Notes.
  • Extract and calculate the total authorized and outstanding share/options shares within different security classes.
  • Read the option agreements in detail to analyze and extract the number of Issued and pooled options, their vesting schedules, exercised canceled and outstanding options.
  • Record and implement the extracted data from the capitalization table to the software.
  • Analyzing financial information to produce forecasts of business, industry, and economic conditions in order to make informed investment decisions and carry out the valuation.
  • Prepare valuation of the company using DCF, Public comparable companies method, transaction method.
  • Setting up and incorporate the findings in the valuation report after finishing the valuation and analysis.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • MBA finance
  • Master in Commerce
  • Financial Modeling Skill
  • Valuation Knowledge
  • Excel Skill
  • Attention to details skill
  • Proactive and dedication towards work


  • Training would be provided from scratch
  • Bi-Annually bonus would be decided based on employees work performance in the last 6 months
  • Qualification: M.Com, PG Diploma
  • Experience: 0 - 2 Yrs
  • Job Type: Full-time Job
  • Industry: Finance
  • Last Date: 31-Dec-2018
  • Salary: INR 13000 - 15000 Monthly
  • Job Code: 18Q4000727
  • Selection Procedure: Walk In
  • Company: Finserv Partners
  • Posted on: 11/26/2018 6:34:18 AM
Location: Bhubaneswar | Odisha | India