XML FORMAT / SAMPLE XMLSubmit your jobs with XML feed

-All XML tags must be in proper sequence as the SAMPLE XML to avoid processing your XML feed.
-All job content must be inside CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML feed.
-Feed must have only currently OPEN jobs. Feed should be refreshed on daily-basis to exclude CLOSED jobs.
-Posting date given for each job should indicate when the job was first published.
-The JobPostId/ReferenceNumber provided for each job must be unique to that job.

Acceptance Policies
Your feed will be disabled and your jobs will be removed from our search results without notice if you do not adhere to the following:
-URLs you provide must be permanent links directly to the job description. You must NOT require the user to log in to view the job description (you may require a user log in to apply for a job).
-All jobs provided in your XML feed must be unique to your website. You must NOT include jobs from other job boards in your XML feed.
-You must NOT include expired or closed jobs in your XML feed.
-If your feed is disabled you will need to contact us to reactivate it.
JOBENABLERS™ may reject or remove any job postings for any or no reason.

Feed Updates & Delivery
-We will check your feed on regular intervals for new jobs.